Wet Weather Reducing Demand for Irrigation

According to data provided by the South Florida Water Management District, Eastern Palm Beach County has received more than 2.4” of rain for the month-to-date in November, putting it at more than three-quarters of an inch above normal. The rainfall has helped to keep lawns across the area green and healthy, and people have not had to rely upon their sprinkler systems as much as usual. November’s rain has reduced the amount of water that grass and plants need from irrigation to thrive. People with functioning rainswitches have watered their lawns less than people who do not have these simple devices. Consumers across the area can improve the efficiency of their irrigation systems by getting rainswitches installed on their automatic sprinkler systems.

In the Palm Beaches, people in places like Jupiter, Lake Worth, Greenacres, West Palm Beach, Lantana and Boynton Beach can hire professional sprinkler companies to reduce the water usage of their sprinkler systems. Businesses that work on sprinklers lake worth can move and adjust sprinkler heads to reduce over-spray on to walls, windows, fences, driveways, sidewalks, roadways and other surfaces. These businesses can also install a rainswitch, which keeps a sprinkler system from running if the property has received enough rainfall. These threshold devices can get set to different rainfall amounts, such as half an inch or a quarter-inch.

The abundant rainfall of recent weeks may mask deficiencies in people’s irrigation systems, but when drier weather arrives, those deficiencies will become clear. People will notice brown spots in their lawns where sprinklers do not provide enough water.  Do some research online for leading irrigation west palm beach firms that can help you keep your lawn looking healthy, no matter the weather conditions. Check out the websites of companies you find in searches for terms like “irrigation lake worth” and “sprinklers west palm beach,” and hire an experienced and reputable business.


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